8 Replies to “Wooden boat patterns from lofting and bow roof shed repair: Episode 3 Sea Dreamer Project”

  1. Great videos, can I suggest going back and editing the video titles to a consistent format so it’s easier for us to find them in order

  2. I just found your channel and immediately subscribed as soon as I realized you were building a DD41! I will definitely be tuning in. I did have a question regarding this particular video. When you were assembling the keel patterns, I noticed that you were resting your hand on the vertical members holding them down in the middle as you stapled the ends and when you released them they would spring up and I would assume they would push the horizontal members slightly apart. Did this cause any discrepancies later? Thanks, and keep on keeping on.

  3. As an elementary teacher, I constantly tell my students "Faliure is an opportunity to learn". Learn from this setback and carry on. Lots of extremely successful people have started with major failures. You're doing great, hang in there.

  4. My dearly departed pa once told me good education is expensive, and it don't always cost money, but it always costs something! Sometime ya just gotta say "what the f*#&"!! Ever onward….

  5. I'm not familiar with milk plexiglass in the states. I would love to use something more durable and permanent. However, here in NY state there are many building codes required by the government. I don't want to go through the permitting process due to the complexity and expense. I consider this a temporary structure. Although I intend to keep it for a long, long time!

  6. Thank you for sharing. Why you do not want to cover your barn by a milk-plexiglass? (Have no idea how in US, but in Europe it is not too expensive)

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