20 Replies to “Wood Shed Finished”

  1. it will still be wet for the winter. you have to wait for a couple of years for the wood to be completely dry…. two more wood sheds are needed )))

  2. I get the song and trust me I like it, But not over and over and over ! For 11 mins . Otherwise great video , carry on

  3. Nice shed but I think u are handling your wood too many times. I cut mine limb it in the woods and cut it up there. Put it dry in a tractor bucket or rear carrier and then restack from that in the woodshed direct.

  4. You see an awesome build and work, and then comes some tom, dick or harry and spoils all the comments section with negative junk, if you can do better with what you have then do it and you tube it and dont put the other person for the way they do things and what they have to do it with, Its called hard work, privilidge and determination. I have always hated that attitude with some I can do better that you people, sorry but thats my opinion, pesele a quien le pese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. All that expensive machinery. All that fuel. Are you actually saving any money? Chainsaw, ax, wedge and wheelbarrow. That's all I need.

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