I take you on a little tour on my new 15 acre block of land in the mountains with a big ass shed on it!

Music used:

This Horse Needs Peace: Artist: This Becomes Us.
Written by Julia Ruzicka
Performed by Julia Ruzicka & Charlie Francis.

Painter Man is Coming: Artist: This Becomes Us
Composed by: Julia Ruzicka
Written & Performed by: Julia Ruzicka, Ian Wilson & Jack Egglestone


Purchase here:

This Becomes Us

Cheers for watching guys! I can assure you that this will be the start to frequent uploads on this channel. I’m gonna be aiming for once a fortnight at the moment. And then hopefully when i pick up some momentum, i can start uploading a vid or two every week!!

My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caleb_tdb/?hl=en

20 Replies to “WELCOME TO MY NEW SHED!!!”

  1. Kinda sad nick played you out with that girl brooks well anyway I hope you meet a more beautiful girl and smarter than her… Take care mate!

  2. How Does this man have more subs and get more views then most YouTubers and he hasn’t posted in a year??????

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