Vinyl sheds are great even in the rain. I rate it 5 Stars

Vinyl sheds are great even in the rain. I rate it 5 Stars

My US leisure Vinyl shed Model # 157479; 8 foot deep by 10 wide from The home depot, is holding up nicely with two days of rain. You need 2 persons, or 1 old worrier like me to complete. The sky lite gives plenty of light even with the doors closed. If your a veteran and have the new vet card with the photo and flag, you get 10% off on the 9 price. Over 540 HD Video
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  1. I bought Lifetime shed from Costco and it is not sturdy. Design is interesting. Materials are flimsy. Don't recommend. This shed looks similar. I had problems with 15 foot wall.I was going to put inside support like yours but the shed did not make it that far. Good idea but weak materials.

  2. Ive built an arrow 10×12 shed and did as they said, just prior to California rain season. My 3/4” plywood floor is on cement blocks about 1/2 ft up off the ground. It has started taking water on at the first sight of rain. At the base where the shed meets the floor. No one ever mentioned this would be the case. I am so so disappointed. Arrow should have mentioned this. cause then i could have installed some flashing or something. anyone have other suggestions? i caulked the whole inside and out at the base but it didn't work. boo!

  3. get rid of the sun roof when it get hot they come on hook , i call the company they sent me a solid one ,

  4. Heck, I am buying a piece of land soon, probably use this to sleep,  crash in at night, until I decide on a structure to build. Use it for storing stuff until I come back. Critter proof on a concrete foundation maybe?

  5. I might be buying this shed and I'm curious to see how its held up over the couple years you've had it. Any problems at all?

  6. Hi Vince. Instructions about assembling the skylight is not clear; how to "Place sky Light Plug into Sky Light Panel (SK)" or between the two SK panels. Where does it go? is it supposed to get trapped between the two SKs when they are joined? Thanks for any input.

  7. Thanks, I'm going to try it again when I get home. It just seems impossible to slide on the door. I'll try again.

  8. Hey Vince can you help me out? I can't figure out how to put on the door latch pins. They won't stay on the door. Anything would help. Thank you.

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