13 Replies to “Tuff shed. What you can do with 10×12 space. Diy”

  1. Yah I like projects myself. They brought the she over in pieces home depot did. They put down the base, put in the floor in sections and put up all 4 sides and threw pair on it and put shingles on it at my house.
    The windows pre installed. It took home depot about 6 hours not too long. Well post the end results when you're all done. Have a good one.

  2. Looks really nice! I wish i knew how to build a shed. What is the floor made of? Mdf? I heard its not used for shed floors but i do like the texture of it. And is there a vapor barrier just below the floor? (Above joists) or vapor barrier below the gravel?

  3. I guess I'm an odd ball because I love working on my landscaping and garden. I don't mow my lawn,but I do love my Green works tools.

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