Timelapse DIY Build Cedar Sided Shed/Woodshop

Timelapse of a shed build by my son and myself. Build was over several months.

Ran out of space in my single garage come woodwork shop, so decided to build a garden shed for extra space. Shed was built roughly according to US timber framed house methods.
The size of the shed is 20×6.5 feet internally and it cost about 6k GBP for the materials. It could have been built cheaper but we used prime materials throughout as a once only build.
For those interested in the technicals: it is based on 2×4″ framing and joists, sits on 8×4″ green oak sleepers on a 6″ concrete pad. Floor is reclaimed maple strip flooring over 1″ plywood. Internal and external sheathing is 3/4″ plywood covered by Dupont Tyvek Supro. Rainshield is Western Red Cedar coated with Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus and Filter 7. Black 5mm perspex is used at the external floorline. Roof is a single EPDM sheet on 12mm plywood. It has 4″ of PIR insulation and is pretty snug in winter. Windows and doors are fully flashed to US standards. Lacomet an aluminum/fibre glass based composite was used for the drip sills. There is a vapour/draught barrier under the internal plywood sheathing using Dupont Tyvek Airguard Reflective, which also helps to retain radiant heat.
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  5. When it rains how does the water fall off the roof? My concern is the water will stay on the roof unlike a traditional a-frame roof.

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