20 Replies to “Time Lapse of Building a Lean To on My Barn”

  1. i were to upload vid, it would have to be this. I've tried to work and narrate at the same time. NOPE. One or the other!!

    Anyway, Great job ! Love using thae đźšś. I often have to find ways to do a two-man job by myself. Never underestimate creativity when its feuled by survival!

    One thing for sure, add diagonals ro the front for lateral bracing! About 1/3 the way down the post is a sweet spot. Or gentle racking back and forth over the years (or one well-placed windstorm) will loosen it to unsafe levels! Cheers!

  2. Some of the people on here are know it all's
    Everyone has there way of doing things if it does the job then great
    As far as the what about eye protection
    Back in the day we didn't have eye protection

  3. What about diagonal bracing from the roof to the posts? Also, what about flashing on the top where the new roof meets the barn? And one more question, why didn't you use a nailer against the barn to fasten the rafters to? I am going to be building a 20' lean to that is 40' long and am trying to see how other people do things and why.  Thanks for the video.

  4. Wish you were around to help me build a lean on my barn. Watching this helped me figure out how to do this myself. We'll see how it turns out.

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