Timber Frame Shed – Making the Short Sills

This series of videos will be documenting the construction of an 8×10 Timber Frame shed, using only hand tools.

Part 1 shows the creation of the 2 short (8′) sill plates, and their tenons. The timbers are full-dimension 6×6, and as green as Ireland on March 17th!!

2 Replies to “Timber Frame Shed – Making the Short Sills”

  1. How straight u cut!!!! (y)
    I want tp build a little house of 18×22 sqr fts with 2 floors and no special loads, will you recomend me build it with 6×6, 6×8, 8×8?

  2. I have told some of my fellow woodworkers about this site [Check Details Here⇒>t.co/TwMVxCq2dV ]. I was very much impressed after going through the designs and plans that were included in the package. This is the best product for any woodwork enthusiast and shed builder out there.

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