These unique features should be used more in garden sheds!

This small lean-to style shed is super-organized, packed full of equipment, and has plenty of room to spare!

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18 Replies to “These unique features should be used more in garden sheds!”

  1. My only concern would be the door hinges. Those leaf hinges are holding a lot of weight. You might consider piano hinges as an upgrade. Can't believe how much you crammed in there! Good job!

  2. Great job using the space to store things. When it started showing all the shelves up to the top, it reminded me of building shelves above my garage door tracks.
    Great ideas indeed! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your video is 12 seconds longer than my video lol. I like your rake rack. I have 8 by 10. Check mine out. How I organize a shed 2 kingbing entertainment.

  4. Thats awsome , you built yourself a bomb! Storing gas above fertilizer is not a good idea. If you mix the two and light it up you get kaboom! Its great if you life insurance taken out on the ocupants inside the house next door.

  5. this is about the exact same size i'm going to make mine…lots of great the door idea…mine will be 4 deep by 7 wide…i plan on making it a little taller for more shelf space though…i'm aiming for 8 to 9 feet

  6. Q #1: Are those nails or screws that are holding the gardening hand-tools on the inside door @ the 1:02 mark.
    šŸ™‚ I worry about driving a nail or screw thru the other side of the wall and it poking outside! lol
    We're getting our Tuff Shed installed soon and I'm combing thru YouTube videos for organization ideas.
    Q#2: Were those shelves on the door (by the tools) bought pre-made or did you make those yourself? Nice job either way! thanks for posting this.

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