THE TRUTH… about Log Cabins… and Log Homes

“New and Improved” is often neither. The traditional log cabin corner notch can’t be beat, and shouldn’t be missed! We hope that you will consider joining us within the ALL NEW Log Cabin Academy! We believe we have the perfect system in place to teach you everything you need to know in order to hand build your own log cabin… not a shack in the woods… but the best cabin that can be built! Come learn more about it at…
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20 Replies to “THE TRUTH… about Log Cabins… and Log Homes”

  1. LOL….I can remember as a kid building our log cabins using an axe and a hatchet and notched out the corners ( not perfect of course) but good enough to set a log on and we used old newspapers and mud and old clothing or rags to fill the gaps between them………they were warm in the fall and tolerable in the winter…our leaning roofs was old boards or tin we could find and pine limbs…kept out the rain and snow among the forest…..we even built tree houses the same way… kids we were pioneers of our time…..even had vents and set up for a fire place……..Most kids now days do not even know what it's like to do such things.We thought we were something…

  2. What do you think of Swedish Coping for corners? What about shrinkage, how much should I expect? What size logs are best? 9", or 12"? What kind of foundation? Block, piers or cement? I will purchase a kit within 6 months, just waiting on the right place to buy land for the price. What cut has the best R factor? Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi,I’m interested in log cabins. And I was just curious if I was to buy a kit who would you recommend my buying from?

  4. Hey how you doing I'm a big fan off your YouTube videos of log house and I have a question thinking of buying a piece of land and building my own Log Cabin is not going to be big going to be small sizes and not for me but I have a good question I have try to look for videos Orbitz I would like to know how long do you should try out your locks have seen people say 2 to 1 year and what will be the proper way to dry it you skin it and leave it there or just leave it how it is for one year

  5. I built mine (48×56) stockade style with cedar logs averaging 10" in diameter. Took 1,000 logs total. You cut and peel the logs the summer before you build. Cedar won't shrink or rot and is bug-proof. One man can carry two logs per trip. Use a log crib to find the straightest sides, then use a chain saw between logs for an air-tight fit. Cut a half-notch in the bottom (to sit on the floor) and alternate logs top-up, bottom-up. Cut windows and doors afterwards. One man working alone can build about 16 feet of wall per day. Have fun!

  6. Is the chimney made of flag stone or solid stone? And how did you put it together? I have a background in masonry, I'm curious.

  7. I don't understand the hammer and chisel part but there is a better way to build a cabin with natural products. It is called hempcrete. Last about 1500 years, carbon negative and fire proof. all better than log cabin..

  8. Lesson number 1. People are getting stupider by the generation. So if you are older, and were handy. Now you know why modern millennials are retarded by comparison. I do believe a corner notch is far beyond the capabilities of the majority of millennials. As is logical thought, planning by the year, and doing productive work. (no twitch th0t doesn't count as productive work)

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