The Building of Our Modern Shed

Step by Step photo progress of the building of our Modern Shed. Plans were purchased online for .00. Plans were complete and included a materials list from which I deviated a little to increase quality of the exterior cladding. Very happy with the results and highly recommend.

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Lars Swenson
Coldwell Banker Residential (Denver Colorado)
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9 Replies to “The Building of Our Modern Shed”

  1. Love the design, and the modern look, different! Thanks for the video, just what I have been looking for, to inspire me to build a new shed.

  2. Looks really nice, what are the dimensions? Also why Tyvek, vapour barrier only goes up if you are heating. Tyvek can pass water vapour, but not always quickly enough to prevent moisture build up.
    Sounds like you have ventilation, but in general think is better to leave off. Cheers.

  3. Wow, looks great. I especially love how all the rainwater and frozen stuff dumps right over your fence into the neighbor's yard. Now that is what I call engineering. If I could only get my driveway to do that.

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