1. Sad day in a free country that you need a permit which is short for permission to build a building on your own piece of land, I don’t think our founding fathers would think that was a very free country.
    Love the show though.
    Happy trails

  2. Did you E- verifier there are legal aliens that could do the job I turned off to video when you showed up the movie star legal Americans have dreams too

  3. I’ve been pricing a building similar and notice a substantial increase in price from a 24×36 to a 26×36. May I ask if there is any reason to get the extra 2 ft? I’m going to put a tractor similar to your Massey on size, a 20 ft gooseneck trailer and a 16ft pull behind trailer to give you an idea of what will go in it.

  4. On the walls they should have started at the bottom. The way they overlapped allows water to run down on the inside of the wall. Ray needs to be taught the laws of physics.

  5. All sounded good, until I saw the structure. Looks like something you’d buy from Harbor Freight. No thanks. I’d spend twice the money for a pole barn with four walls.

  6. I have a 24 x 21 x 9 – vertical roof, sides, and gables…12 ga certified…theres only about 3 feet between my vertical square tubing… about 4 yrs ago, and they did a great job…I closed the back myself using 5/8 cement form rods in the ground…3/4 EMT conduit on them, and attached the EMT at the top with aluminum brackets…then used Harbor Freight Silver tarps, pulling tight with bungees…keeps out snow and rain…weve had 60 -70 mph winds last winter and I had no problems…snow slides right off the verticle roof…I'd never get the Boxed Eave for this reason…

  7. One of three things must be in play for you 1) you ran into a lot of money somehow, 2) your wife makes very good money or 3) you make a ton of money off of YouTube and assorted online "sales". Just in the past year you have spent an enormous amount of money on the farm and there seems to be no slowing down. I can't even fathom what the fencing cost and now a new building………..it is crazy the kind of money you have gone thru for a "farm". We all know farming is not much of a money making endeavor unless you are a mega farm with thousands and thousands of acres which yours is not. Don't get me wrong, you are doing a lot of work………a lot of work, but it is basically a young man playing at what he likes. You are making money on the videos and likely getting sweet deals from all the companies you promote on a regular basis and growing a lot of your own food but I hope your wife knows that if you sold her on the idea you could make a good living off the land (better than you could being a nurse) that that is a long shot at best. I don't know of a single person who could pour the amount of money you have spent already with the hopes recouping those dollars and more unless they had a very good inheritance or won the lottery. This not something a regular person could do. It would be a little fencing this year, a bit more next year, maybe upgrade a tractor the year after and so on. You are doing all of that and more in one year. Have fun, which you seem to be, but don't let on this will be a money proposition or even a "break even" endeavor.

  8. Stoney Ridge Farmer , I couldn't find it in the comments, but how do you secure the building to the ground and how much of a snow load can it take? Also did you get a price for the building not installed? Curious the price just for the materials. Thanks for any info you can provide! I need this for my equipment as well!

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