Tale of WOE! Do NOT buy a shed from Lowes/Home Depot

Tale of WOE! Do NOT buy a shed from Lowes/Home Depot

I give you all the wretched details. To my understanding this ONE company supplies all such sheds in the Ozarks. Instead of a big box store – 1). Build your own; 2). Get a Dirksen Building; 3). Have the Amish build it
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  1. Sorry about your experience. I just had my 10X16 Amish shed delivered and it looks great. It has a steel roof, double doors and two windows with shelving. It was a 6 month old repo for 2600$. No tax

  2. I bought a 10×16 barn from Home Depot
    3400 dollars. It was delivered on a tilt trailer .2 men backed it down the yard , laid out 4" pvc , tilted it off , slid it on the pvc to the area I had roped off .jacked it up to get pipe out from under . Tuff Shed sells the bldgs to HD but TS delivers them . Good experience with them .but I don't know how it would've gone if something went wrong. East florida.
    What brand do you have?

  3. The blocks holding up the building should have had base pads so the peirs don't sink and settle throwing building out of level

  4. Dang right say no to Lowe's go with my brothers Derkson portable Bildings it will be way more quality built and delivered ,, the guys should have been ready and prepared for the job!!!!

  5. save a dime lose a dollar-great job dude-its called a man door not people door-knows nothing about construction

  6. Im a contractor and i can tell you right now thoses cinder blocks are not going to work. Your base needs to be sitting on footings that extend below the frost line. As soon as you go through 1 season that shed will fail. Top soil is not a foundation. Buy some sonotubes and fill them with concrete. You will need 6 total. Then you can place those blocks on your pier pads. Imho. Lowes and HD subcontractors suck. Never hire them for anything. They dont vet any of their tradesmen. Good luck.

  7. It seems that others have voiced sufficient outrage so I will simply state that I agree, this is outrageous. Glad you got some back

  8. I thought you helped him put up the walls, 24” centers instead of 16” centers. Why didn’t you stop it then?

  9. I will be building an 8" X 8" lean-to-shed. I'm using available recycled piers, saved knotted pine boards for the exterior, and slightly weathered plywood my neighbor was storing uncovered outside. I will also be using Copper Green on the exposed under-side of shed to ward-off termites.

  10. You have WAY WAY to steep a grade to set that kind of weight on, without preparing the ground first.  Dude, that's YOUR fault!  I feel bad for you.  You are going to have problems and they are going to compound, or at worse, repeat every spring thaw.  I would have told them to COME TAKE YOUR SHED BACK AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK….then go find a good contractor AFTER you prepared the foundation properly, and had a professional build you a dam shed.  Lowes…..Home Depot….those are your first and second mistakes.  They don't give two shits about you or what you want.  Just the sale.  You got to see what it's like up here in the gestapo state of New Fork.  We're fucked, prolly worse than you.

  11. Glad I watched this.
    We were tossing having one done by the Amish in our area or them.
    Guess after this, Amish is the way we will go.

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