Do I Need A Permit To Build A Shed – Usually NO – Do I Need A Permit To Build A Shed

You’re asking do I need a permit to build a shed and most of the time the answer is no. There are exceptions to that.

Size is often the deciding factor of knowing do I need a permit to build a shed. For example in my community the maximum size of shed I can build without a permit is 107 sf. In Portland, Oregon it’s 200 sf. So, check online or call your municipality and find out what there building codes dictate before building.

Also, if the shed requires plumbing and electricity you might require a permit. So, if you’re planning on using it for a guest cottage or wood working shop or something.

Buying supplies for a shed can be expensive. I just recently bought this little used shed that needed rebuilding and spent quite a bit of money to do that. So if you skip the step of getting a permit if required, your community may order you to stop the building, and then the supplies just sit there until you can sort out the problem. So don’t skip that step.

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