Rebuilding my tool shed – Part 5, making a tool wall

Tool wall part 1. Except for the panels on the wall, I used only scrapwood.
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How To Build a Lean To Shed – Part 2 – Wall Framing

In this video we teach you the steps to framing the walls for a lean to shed.
Learn how to:
-Lay out walls on the shed floor
-Cut the wall plates and set on the floor
-Crown the wall plates and layout the wall stud locations
-Nail the plates to the wall studs to frame the shed walls
-Build door and window headers
-Build door and window openings in a framed wall
-Stand and assemble the shed walls
-Install the wall top plates

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How To Build A Shed – Part 3 Building & Installing Rafters

How To Build A Shed - Part 3 Building & Installing Rafters

Shannon from shows you how to build a shed from start to finish. This video shows how to build the rafters for the roof.
Please use this link for the playlist that shows all of the shed build videos in our series.
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10×12 Modern Work Shed – Part 4 – Framing The Walls

We’re building out the walls of our modern work shed. We’ll start with the back wall since it’s the easiest one to do. From there, the side walls incorporate a window for each one. We learn how to make a window header and build up that area. Lastly is the front wall. This one is a little more complex, but if you take it step by step, you can easily do this. The article listed below is what I used for making my walls step by step.
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Building a Shed on a Budget! (part 2 building the floor)

In this video we look at how to build a quality shed on a budget. This is only part two of what will be a lengthy series that I’m excited to continue working on. In this video we look at part 1 of building a shed, building the floor. While building a shed for under 0 sounds impossible, with enough thriftyness we should be able to pull in off! make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss part 3!

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How to Build a Lean To – Framing and Adding Siding (Part 1)

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