Building a Firewood Shed to Store 3-4 Face Cords

Over the summer of 2018, I built this new firewood shed for a more convenient spot to access some of my wood during the coldest winter days. Inspired by many designs I saw online, this is my version of an 8’x4′ firewood shed.
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DIY Covered Firewood Rack

We have a wood stove and we burn it all winter for heat and I previously had to walk down behind our house to our wood pile and carry a few loads of wood into the house each morning to keep the wood stove going. To make this easier I built a covered firewood rack that would be on our front porch that I could fill up once a week and is much closer to the wood stove.
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Firewood Storage Shed Plans


SUBSCRIBE for a new DIY project almost every day! If you want to learn more about building a 6×8 saltbox shed for storing wood, you need to take a look over the instructions. Invest in high quality materials and check out the link in the description for step by step instructions, diagrams and a complete cut list.


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Build Rustic LOG Firewood SHED p2

Part 1… Now that the log columns have been installed its time to carve the two headers in place. The headers have a drastic taper to them. I designed it so the wider part of the logs would be placed at the center creating a seam, that seam rests on the middle column leg support. Now even though the horizontal header logs have a strong taper to them , using a level twine string to pull measurements from I managed to scribe them down on top of the log leg support where the highest point of the headers are perfectly level. In return it exaggerates the bottom giving it a “v” shaped illusion… Did I explain that right? Yeah, I like the end result. By the way this was my first attempt at using a chain saw to carve wood, it was quite fun.

PART 3. This is the next & final video of this build
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3 Cord Firewood Shed Plans Free

I have designed this firewood shed so you can store up to 3 cord of wood in one place. This shed comes with a sturdy structure and a lean to roof. This shed has a large front opening, while the other 3 sides are protected with slats.

My free plans comes with step by step instructions and a detailed list with materials. In addition, my diagrams will guide you through the process.

Check out the link in the description for step by step instructions and a cut list of the materials needed. In addition, don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to stay in touch with me.

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How to Build a Firewood Shed By Yourself

This video shows how I made a heavy-duty woodshed for upstate New York. I had no plans, I just made it up as I went. Roof pitch is 2.5:12 Ive seen some sheds with steeper roofs and they just look weird to me.

Firewood Shed Plans

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If you want to learn more about building a large firewood shed in which you can store 1 cord of firewood, you should take a look over the video. Don’t forget to check the link in the description for step by step instructions and for a detailed cut list.

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