Super Cheap Sheds – Off Grid Cabin – Tiny Home

Super Cheap Sheds – Off Grid Cabin – Tiny Home. (Part Two) Not my first pick for a tiny home or off grid cabin but in a pinch a shed can be used and can be finished and furnished the way you want. These sheds are pretty affordable as well.

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Off Grid Items I Use Or Plan To (Tank Less Water Heater (Propane Stove ) (Solar Panels )(Fire Starter )

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20 Replies to “Super Cheap Sheds – Off Grid Cabin – Tiny Home”

  1. If someone is selling a paid for property, they may easily have a couple hundred thousand available. It’s about lowering your bills, individually, not expecting everyone to have my budget. It is the builders fault for utilizing capitalism and consumer demand for the high prices.

  2. my social security went up to $815 this year. I begin receiving Social Security Disability when I was 55. When I hear $60 K plus I am out of there.

  3. "Those eyes are as blue as window cleaner Bobby Ray" ~ChiChi Rodriguez~~ From Too Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar..Sorry..had to say that!! Great video..I agree..all these people thinking paying $70K for a wood shed or tiny home is cutting back… I would build my own though..not rocket science..I would use better material than they do on these sheds though..

  4. Want one so bad. Loosing my big house and its falling apart and cant afford to fix but now they are pricing me out of tiny houses too.

  5. I agree 50 60 grand i could buy a regular home. Im poor need it lower priced. I could afford a roof on tiny house not regular home.

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  7. I agree what you saying why do people pay well over the budget.
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  8. Where will you park and live in such a tiny home? Most towns and cities won't allow it by code and country property is expensive. So, unless you want to live in someone's backyard, I'd suggest just buying an older, small existing fixer upper in town.

  9. I couldn't agree more about the $50,000 comment. Thank you for saying that. It should also be mentioned that the payment plan is a HUGE rip off. You will pay 83% interest on this one! Check your math! This was probably repossessed because someone figured out how bad they will get ripped off if they continue the payments. Go to your bank if you can't pay for it when you buy it.

  10. Great video I love the Log Cabin sided ones I'm trying to get one delivered from New York to Connecticut because I don't seem to be able to find any of the rent to own cabin ones here in Connecticut but yes you're correct a decent size home for 7:to 10 thousand with some nice walls Furniture insulation compost toilet and solar and most can be beautiful turn key home for 15 20K k

  11. exactly !!!!! i can buy a freaking double wide mobile home for 60,000 fully furnished ! The whole point for small house is for it to cost less.

    I think what happen was some corporate fuck head took it over and is trying to charge you up the ass for smaller and less material but they get more money out of it for less wood they have to buy.

  12. I've watch a lot of the videos too. The people usually sold there big home to buy a shed and put all the fixing to it. Not everyone has this kinda of dough.

  13. Got one in my backyard. Bought it for under 4000$ with a metal roof btw. It's gonna make an excellent addition. Full exterior paint job, pressure treated lumber.

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