Suncast Sutton 7×7 ft. Resin Storage Shed

We just put up our new tool shed and I figured I would review it… Hey… I’m not an expert in this stuff, I’m just doin’ reviews!

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Products in this video:
Sutton 7 ft. 3 in. x 7 ft. 4.5 in. Resin Storage Shed –

Suncast BMS7790 Cascade 7×7′ Storage Shed –
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20 Replies to “Suncast Sutton 7×7 ft. Resin Storage Shed”

  1. For those who are curious… For the foundation I used leftover bricks from our house. I simply laid them out according to the inside perimeter of the shed, then placed several more in the inside to create a sturdy foundation.

    For the shelving… I screwed 2" boards into the walls vertically using with sheet rock screws to act as studs. Then I simply mounted the shelves as one normally would on a regular wall… Using the boards as the mounting location for the shelf brackets.

    For the pegboards… I used more of the 2" boards to create studs on the walls. That also leaves a 2" gap between the shed wall and the pegboard so you can put in the pegs freely.

  2. Dang man! That was AWESOME! Thank you for doing that! I was going to order the Craftsman shed, but they don't have it any longer. I am SOLD on this one one and I'm REALLY glad I found this cause I wanted to see "for real" what 7×7 looks like IN the shed. I have some lawn tools I would LOVE to get out of my garage! Mower, Weedeater, leave muncher, power washer and a few other things. Looks like it will all fit!

    Good stuff! Thank you!

  3. I don’t know why I watched this video. I don’t need a shed or anything. U just held my attention. Nice😎.

  4. Great video man. I just had a tree drop on my shed and I need to get something put up ASAP. I may just pick this up and stand it up. I am planning on getting something like a 12X20 but I will also keep this one for extra storage. How hard would it be to deconstruct this shed once it's built in the event I want to move it? Also, checking Amazon, the same shed is 900 bucks on Amazon – whoa!!!!

  5. As a beginner with woodwork, I usually feel overwhelmed with the whole plan. But Ryan's plans led me through with much clarity and simplicity [ Check Details Here=> ]. I now work like a pro. That's good!

  6. Just Doin’ Life:
    Seeing your video on reviewing the Suncast Shed this morning was both synchronicity and serendipity for me. I, too, was about to place my online order through The Home Depot after I stumbled across your critique. I first, happened to open my YouTube app to check for any replies, which there weren’t, but there you were.

    When I came across your presentation, I immediately called my wife over to share your show with her. Her very first utterance was “He’s looks just like you, dear!” She knew I was in the market to get a shed within a few weeks, a 7ft. x 7ft. The shed that I ended up ordering was a Suncast Vista. I’m not expecting its arrival though until sometime next week.

    I like how you showed us viewers on how you situated your shed’s location in between the adjacent fence line, nestle backyard, and your complimentary rear home’s siding. My wife and I greatly appreciate you for showing us various intricate details of: fasteners, cross bar riggings, and other shed’s features. I concur with your beloved wife for doing a better presentation. You did do a splendid job in showing off the alluring qualities of a Suncast Shed that you and your wife had lovingly built together, a truly fine addition to your home’s real estate appeal. We were very impressed. Glorious!

  7. I want one of this to store my dirt bike and stuff. But wonder how long this will last out here in Las Vegas during 3 months of scorching heat. Hmmmm

  8. I am looking to get a shed like this to keep my $50,000 server computer inside of. Would this be okay in rainy Vancouver to keep the computer dry?

  9. I went to look at one of these at a local Home Depot on a rainy day and it was leaking all over the roof. I know they probably care how it goes up, but I want to ask how has it held up against rain storms?

  10. Hey there! Can you do a review on how to hang pegboard or shelving in this kind of shed? Or can you just tell me how you did it please! It looks like you screwed wood into it but that doesnt seem right?

  11. Nice video. In laws bought one awhile back. Does yours have an overwhelming smell of plastic that doesn't go away?

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