Suncast 7×7 Shed

It took me about 7 hours (5 on one day and two on the next) to build this with help. I think you and a buddy rocking and rolling could do it in 4-5 hours, but a novice team around the same time as us. Good luck! Suncast 7×7 shed by Home Depot, Storage Shed, Rubbermaid, Outdoor Shed, Review, Build, Storage
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  1. Thanks for making this video. I just bought the Craftsman version of that same shed and your video will be a great reference.

  2. I am in the process of installing/building the same model with the Craftsman name. I actually did everything by myself but needed my wife to drill in some of the roof screws while I held the roof down, as you mentioned. I'm watching this especially because the 8 pieces of metal that get installed are a real question. The instructions talk about installing 3 screws, one in the front (or back depending which one you're installing. It goes into a channel and I can't see how the screw is going to go in as it is recessed. Next, there is a 4th screw that needs to go in and the only way to do it is to remove the previously installed screws that went into the vertical metal channel at the center of the roof. Instructions should have stated that.
    Finally, and this part is critical! This shed must be installed on a 100% level surface. Otherwise, pieces slip 1/8 to 1/4" and you're out of luck making the roof sections fit into the water drainage channel. Trust me on that one – I had to remove some screws and pull the roof over from the outside and have my wife re-drill them from the inside. My shed is going into an area behind my cabin where it isn't level, so I have a compounded problem of somehow making sure it doesn't shift in the frozen (below 10%-20%) weather. I built a solid foundation using 3/4" 4' x 8' plywood sheets with treated 2' x 4' x 8's underneath. I am very much concerned that I'll go up there someday and find it disconnected. Thanks for the informative video. It appears from your footage that indeed the 8 metal pieces do require removing the previously installed screws and then somehow I'll figure out a way to get that first screw angled in. Comments appreciated.

  3. My wife and I put our shed together in 5 hours from start to finish and also ate lunch… But I have put together 4 or 5 other sheds for my family and friends…So that help with understanding the instructions a little… This is by far the better shed of all I have put together…

  4. I wouldn't buy this shed I had it a week and the rooftop melted and warped I had to order a new roofing and customer service for this company is almost impossible to get ahold of. Also the walls we're supposed to come pre-installed with metal braces as it says in the instructions by the time we got the roof on it was too late to add them SMH Suncast.

  5. Hi! Do you think this shed could be put together with only access to the front and back of the shed? We are wanting to put it in between the side of out house and the fence. There is only 1 ft. 4 in. wiggle room on the sides. Thanks for your response!

  6. Holy crap dude, I built mine, including the wooden foundation by myself in 12hrs, also 90 degree weather…. you guys weren't very motivated.

  7. Thanks for the review, you helped me decide that this is the shed I’ll buy. I’m not going to build it in 100 degree heat though..

  8. I did it by myself, but highly recommend having some to help. Especially with the roof, and the sealed screw like you said. I just pushed the roof to the peak while screwing it together so it would actually screw together, same with the roof bottom to side wall screws, some didn't want to catch. Overall seems like a great shed, haven't had any rain yet to test waterproofing

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