20 Replies to “Step by step Arrow shed build. Part 1”

  1. Hey DJ you did a good job thanks for everything if it wasn't for you either through this s*** in the trash

  2. Is the roof flush with the gables or is there an overhang? Do you know how much of an overhang if so.

  3. Just put one up today what a piece of shit!!! Nothing aligns,the worst instructions a waste
    Of money .dont waste
    Your money our time with this junk

  4. Great video…I appreciate your valuable time and effort in explaining the instructions. You deserved that "BEER" break. Congratulations. Thanks again.

  5. hey by any chance do you remember how big the packaging is? Will it fit in the back of truck with 6 foot bed?

  6. My sons put mine together in one day I was short a couple parts I called and they sent them out right away no questions ask. Great customer service. Nice shed for an inexpensive shed it works very well

  7. My daughter wants to get this for a goat shed.I'm trying to discourage it because it may not stand up.How long did it take to complete, please?Thanks for doing this video

  8. Hello, we have the 12 x 24 shed and are having a difficult time on how to attach the lintel (across the top in front). It doesn't appear to match up anywhere. Please help!

  9. This thing is garbage if
    If you're the kind of guy just kind of Handy around the house this is an advanced engineering degree you need at least two people or 3 to put it together

  10. everyone keep in mind,these sheds are cheap,flimsy junk!w/that in mind,take your time and polish up on your cuss words because you will be stringing many of them together.you will find almost every hole will not line up and many sheet screw holes will strip out,even w/a screw driver.hardware is cheap crap also as phillips heads will strip out with very little tork.refer to my first sentence as you are dealing with cheap flimsy junk!

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