Stardew Valley – What to do with your shed?

Stardew Valley - What to do with your shed?

What can you do with your Stardew Valley shed? Here are some designs for you to try..

Skip ahead to end if you are here for the giveaway, and be sure to comment your AMAZING shed idea to be entered. Subscribing may or may not help.


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20 Replies to “Stardew Valley – What to do with your shed?”

  1. Imagine getting the multiplayer houses and using those for stuff like this. Especially with upgrading them

  2. I have 2 sheds full of kegs for Ancient Fruit Wine, that’s my money maker as of now. I will make another 2 sheds filled with Crystalariums for easy money…

  3. 2:46 XD that's a DF kinda joke
    wait wha? "delete" works, too? …. i should watch more of you XD

    so, where's the part 2 of this?

    ok, so there's a mod that makes your pet give you gifts sometimes, including custom sprite dead bird
    …. can i do anything with that in a shed?
    my cat never found one, yet, so i can wait 😛

    …. and there's also pokemon mods, so enough to make use of sheds

  4. I just recently started playing Stardew Valley. I'm beyond glad I stumbled on your videos! I'm excited to learn that you are a teacher (I'm a teaching student).

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