#sponsored : In this video we’ll walk through the process of how to build a shed loft, shed shelves, tool storage, a work area, and shed rafters. We’ll transform a shed from an unorganized mess to a shed with all sorts of organization so you’ll know where every tool is and will have plenty of space for all your stuff. This video is sponsored by Cub Cadet. DIY Pete, LLC has been compensated and provided with the product free of charge in return for their honest opinion. The Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT1 mower with a 54 inch wide deck is what I use to take care of my yard and it works great.

More information and pricing for the Cub Cadet Ultima Series 54 inch Wide Mower:

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20 Replies to “SIMPLE SHED ORGANIZING PROJECTS | Shelves, Loft, Rafters, Racks”

  1. Go onto Amazon and buy a snowmobile dolly, it's a set of three dollies, one for each ski and one for the track. It will make moving the sled around in the building a breeze. I just purchased one for mine and it's made moving it around so.much easier.

  2. I did something similar to your loft in one of my garages. On one bay I set the storage loft height based on the height of the hood of the car that goes in there and presto, lots of off the floor storage.

  3. Great video! I'll be using some of these in my shop remodel. Only thing I would have done extra is recess the osb and plywood decking on your shelves into the space between the studs. Still the upgrade made a huge difference.

  4. Anything worth building is worth overbuilding is what I always say. That loft is definitely overbuilt! Should hold up great for whatever you want to throw on it. Great video

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