Shed To House – Total Cost – w/brothers Jared & Jason

Shed To House - Total Cost - w/brothers Jared & Jason

We break down the total cost of our building from start to current. We all share the property, Jared lives in this house by himself. Jason & Jaylena are in the planning stages of building their tiny house on the property.

16×50 Derksen

95% of the work done by ourselves.

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20 Replies to “Shed To House – Total Cost – w/brothers Jared & Jason”

  1. How those this works? Buying a shed and turn it to a home? Any documents or anything I have to go through? I always wanted to buy 1 because it's way cheaper than buying a house

  2. Ok i gotta question. I super into this idea. The more i see them, the more i want one. Here's my question. Say you guys are ready to sell for whatever reason. What would you list it for ? The home itself, no property. Is there a profit to be made after you put all that money into it ?

  3. At some point you will probably need to put a metal roof on the front porch. It does not have enough slope. Looks like it is less than a 1/12 pitch. When I built my house I only put about a 1.5 /12 or 2/12 pitch on my back porch.and after a few years it developed a leak.

  4. You guys did an awesome job on your shed to home. Love what you've done on the outside as well as the interior. Plus you've given me some great ideas for my own house! Thanks

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the way you finished your home! It's gorgeous ❤️ We're hoping to go something similar. I miss the farm life!

  6. Six gallons per minute!? Jeez, I'm working with 6 gallons per shower. I think I need a tankless water heater in my life.

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