Shed to House – 16 x 50 FLOOR PLAN!

Pros and Cons (kitchen/living room)

Bedroom and Bathroom

Total Cost

Intro music by Sunset Silhouette
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20 Replies to “Shed to House – 16 x 50 FLOOR PLAN!”

  1. I'm new to your channel so it looks absolutely amazing, but what I want to know is the same as a Mobile Home what is the insulation Factor in these …
    I been in mobile home where they are stacked with insulation From an R31 in the ceiling to at least that much in the walls , me I prefer as much as I can get in a wall if I can get double that hey why not !
    We all know why !
    I lived in homes that had very little insulation in them…
    Went thru double what the rent was for them on utilities! $450 rent but utilities were $900 month, it can have all the luxury you can stand ,but the windows need to be double glass , if not your throwing money out windows …

  2. Nice video, very informative, but became a little repetitive, and over explanatory. You guys did an awesome job.

  3. Maybe a Murphy bed in the office. Also a door in the living room to go to bathroom 1 for guest. Love the layout! How much did the shed cost?

  4. Very well thought out plan! I appreciate all of your work in documenting the project. Just one question…what was it like being lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers? 😁

  5. I have been wondering what we would be doing for our plumbing. I liked the idea of putting it all one side, genius!
    My husband will appreciate not having to crawl somewhere too lol. Thanks for your videos! they have helped immensely!

  6. After the first video I stumbled on I started to look at your others. I'd just like to say that this is a great layout BUT…yes a but…you have NO storage.

    Also, I have a Golden Retriever which is a large dog. Just one large dog obliterates this plan. We need a King bed (ofc he sleeps with us). But well done!

    You asked what I would change..well the master would need to be 16ft (not 12). A few more closets ofc. Your island needs to be a tad smaller. Not in vertical but in horizontal width. Oven a must..

    The laundry room shouldnt be in the 2nd Ba but in a separate room near the Kitchen. Other than that it is near perfect. Very impressed, ty for sharing!

  7. You need more closet space. A walkin would be better. Also, walk-in bath would be better than regular bathtub or else walk-in shower.

  8. I would have used the closet space for the commode and put a shallow but longer closet along the wall opposite it.

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