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  1. Guys I found a very good website about woodworking that is WoodBlueprints. Com  this website contains more then 12000 woodworking shed plans. Recommended

  2. I started with plans I bought at shedking.net They were very helpful, and I'm sure if you followed them to the letter you'd end up with a good shed. I made a number of changes and ended up with my own design, but those were all personal preference as opposed to a problem with the plans.

  3. Matt, great shed. wish i would have made a video when i built mine. i did all nailing by hand with smooth shank 16 penny framing nails… ran out of material to brace adequately. framed all 4 walls had trusses on ( didn't side wall before setting them i was doing it solo, no equipment…) storm blew in before i could do anything blew every thing over ( trusses stood strong hurricane straps!) neighbors and family came to help and had it all pulled apart and built back again in one day. what a learning experience.

  4. awesome dude,I'm building one myself had a screen house built took it down,& now I'm building a shed,mistake on the roof made it flat,big mistake, it was leaking rain, had a couple of dips in the flat wood roof on the beams which made puddles of water just sit there & leak inside the shed, I have to do the roof all over again, making it in the shape of the A frame this time, the building of the shed might go into the winter what a bummer ,but it's worth it, love your video of your shed & your dog Lady,also thank God you have your lady friend to help you too. cuz I have neither Machinery or a friend to help me my neighbor across the street helped a little but he said I work him to much, so I'm tackling this all by myself ,putting windows in right now,GOD bless,

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