Rubbermaid Roughneck Shed Assembly Instructions

Instructions on how to assemble a Rubbermaid Roughneck outdoor shed. Additional information on our outdoor sheds can be found at:
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  1. I just figured out the problem, the two back panels labeled E and G. The bottom parts that lock into the floor are skinnier than all the other panels and the holes in the floor, so it can’t lock into the floor because the holes are too big. Is this how it’s supposed to be? Or did they send me the wrong panels.

  2. Putting the wall panels in the floor is a pain in the ass… idk if it’s because my shed I got from Home Depot is all warped or what… they brought the boxes down and they were soaked from rain, all waterlogged . Thanks Home Depot, everything is wet and crooked and the panels are full of water and don’t drain well. Mines a 10.5 by 7 or something…

  3. I hate criticizing someone else's work… but seriously, there's a reason we use 2×4 minimum for framing… everything stapled together, 4 blocks in the corners for "foundation" … I'm really surprised the whole lot didn't collapse when you were on top of it….. I bet the door won't open after a season ( )… this is how kids make "dens" this will not last…

  4. Wow, this was painful to watch… I can’t believe this is a video Rubbermaid put its name to… its embarrassing!

  5. I didn't cut or punch anything just used a cordless drill with phillips bit and ran the screws in. Took 1 hour to do by myself !!!!

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