20 Replies to “Rubbermaid 7×7 Roughneck Shed Time-Lapse Build”

  1. Hi i’m looking to purchase the same to protect my golf cart. can you tell me the door open max dimension high and wide please? My golf cart is 69’’ high and near 50’’ wide. Thanks

  2. How waterproof is this shed? I am looking to store a computer server inside of it outdoors. It rains pretty hard in Vancouver..

  3. I recently lost all my screws after we moved by still have all the walls, doors, roofs. Do you know where I can get replacements?

  4. Terrific video and the greatest part for me to be sold on the unit was you picked a very windy day to show how secure the door and roof are. Thank you!!!!

  5. 3:05 Are those actual shingles on the roof? Or does the plastic look alike shingles look that good? They look almost textured at that angle.

  6. Does anyone know if the floor has to be used to assembled this shed or can you build your own? Because I lost my two pieces that make up my flooring.

  7. Good video, I just assembled this same shed today, this video was helpful and overall, job took 3 hours  solo. Since I am 6' 8'' it wasn't too tricky doing it all myself but I recommend doing this task with a partner. Cheers!

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