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  1. You should have talked about options for hanging stuff on the walls. Such as if it is compatible with a track system or if drilling into the walls is an option for mounting. Pretty good review overall though.

  2. Your vid is just what the doctor ordered? I'm shopping for a 42" riding mower and need a shed to house it as well as a push mower and some tools. Looks like this one will work.
    – Any color fade?
    – Yours doesn't seem to have a ramp for the riding mower. Any concerns about damaging the floor or uneven weight distribution on the floor?

    Again really appreciate the detail. I'm looking forward to the rain video.

  3. I have the same one, got it for $529.00 Black Friday:) I find when I screwed the floor to the wood deck I made for it, and secured the walls to the floor, it tightened up quite a bit. Of course when the roof was secured that brought it all in. I believe some corner brackets would tighten it even more but I want to use their U hooks and not put any holes in it. I'm sealing up any openings, as we have wasps in Florida that would love this. Great for my little riding lawnmower and all the stuff that goes with it. I put screening in the back vent and the windows. Have to see how hot it gets, I'll just take the plexi out of one of the windows.

  4. I have the same shed. Its a nice shed i`ve had mine for two years been buried deep in snow and held up with no problem. Id recommend it. I just wish it had a vent, i have a window where the vent is on your shed

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