Potting Shed Makeover // Garden Answer

My potting shed is looking a little boring. I’m dressing it up a bit with some beautiful summer color!

More area makeovers: https://bit.ly/2CSrPpR

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20 Replies to “Potting Shed Makeover // Garden Answer”

  1. I've built sheds in time past but Ryan's designs are superb [Check Details Here⇒>tinyurl.com/yyexvhoq?preview ]. His work are second to none. I've never seen such before. The sheds are looking very nice and the building plan instructions are so detailed and very well simplified. This is cool!

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  3. What does the inside of the potting shed look like? The "creepy" root cellar would be a cool spooky video for October.

  4. What a sweet little potting shed and video. I've always wanted a potting shed. The potted evergreens with Supertunias are so gorgeous! What is the variegated plant on the left in front of the spiral topiary, please? You're so right! Shutters will REALLY add a lot. Thanks Laura! 💜

  5. Oh i love this episode. Im hook on your channel. How i love to copy some of your ideas here in the Philippines. But the problem is its to hot in here😭

  6. How much sun does this area get? It looks pretty shaded for supertunias. Can they tolerate shade? If so I would LOVE to put them in containers the way you did! GORGEOUS 🙌🏻

  7. I just finished getting all of my containers readly for planting today. I have one under my garden shed window too. yours is fancier. But..I got an idea while watching this. I will get an old multi-paned window and cover my shed window with it. i will paint it..spruce it up and turn it into another focal point in the back yard. Ta Da!

  8. That is so cute. I really like the evergreens in the pots. can they winter outside in a zone 5 if you don't have any place to put them inside?

  9. Oh, I'd be so ever careful Laura. I don't know if you noticed it… but on the left hand side, the wood is cracked pretty badly under the window sill. I think I would have put an upright plant in the second potter on the ground like you did the left hand one by the door. Just to balance it out.
    🌾 Green Blessings 🌾

  10. I would love to see a video on watering and how you manage all of it! Do you have any rain barrels or something similar to take advantage of the rainfall? The potting shed looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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