Pole Barn Foundation Options

UPDATED FOUNDATION VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/KrKiIjfir6w

Updated to reflect we no longer offer Strongway Columns and have added Post Protector to our foundation option line up.

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  1. Have you ever tested with helical piers? Seems to me it would cut down construction time, but could be more susceptible to lateral loads

  2. Good explanations without the normal yakity, yak so common in many videos.
    In far north Minnesota frost jacking is a critical issue, a neighbors completely insulated a 12 hundred square foot garage/shop, several posts jacked buckled sheet metal on sides and roof, doors don’t close. Biggest cluster f_ _ _ I’ve ever seen. So depressed, 10 yr’s now hasn’t fixed it.

  3. Wife is wanting to build a post frame home. I've shied away from the idea for several reasons, the main one being the foundation. Found your video to be very helpful and informative. Thanks from Southern Indiana.

  4. Absolutely no concrete around post , post will rot off ,iv proved this many times, use stamped crushers run gravel and put post 5 feet in the ground with a couple of lugs fastened to the post, iv seem many pole barns rot off in 10 years now that's hard to fix

  5. I'm in the middle of building a post frame shed. My problem is I live in Southern Idaho. I got my cookies poured and cured in the holes but my dirt is now frozen. Will the frozen dirt compact well?

  6. North Central Florida. I dug 18" deep, 1' diameter. poured 3" of gravel in the hole Placed 2 two 8" sq concrete blocks stacked on each other. protruding 2" to 3" above grade. Poured in around the blocks and inside the blocks with concrete. Used a lag bolt to fasten steel post holders for 10 and 12 ft 4×4 posts. The structure is a shelter for a travel trailer with a metal roof over plywood decking. overall dimensions 24' x 12' with slanted roof 10' to 12'.

  7. I'm looking to build a pole barn home what would be a good option for this that's my main concern is how long it would last vs a concrete foundation

  8. There is also the option of anchoring the posts to a pre-existing concrete slab. Hard to believe you missed it!!

  9. You missed post protector and similar options by others where that company as it is named along with plasti-sleeve both offer protector sleeves for the surface to below grade to prolong post life and "boots" which cover from the bottom up to a height akin to bracket/permacolumn systems.
    Also like to not a few other things, one being the brackets and permacolumns can also be used for deck support, and secondly nice graphic design, the polygon-lines on the cookie pad was unique.

  10. Are these options used only for the areas in which the poles are set? Our architect requires rebar put through the base of the treated post and set in 36×36 holes set in concrete up to ground level. We build mainly in Florida.

  11. Do you consider soil conditions? In well draining sand soil I think the traditional is probably fine. That's what we did for our barn but I definitely see the benefits of the others. What are the price differences?

  12. I am in the process of designing an airsoft field and am stuck on the size of the pole to use and which method will get the job done without breaking the bank.

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