Pole Barn Foundation Options – UPDATED

Pole Barn Foundation Options from Milmar Pole Buildings. www.milmarpolebuildings.com

This video is an updated version of our original foundation option video as Strongway Columns are no longer in production and Perma-Columns serve the same purpose at a lower cost. We also added Post Protector sleeves to our options and updated some of the info on the foundations we offer.

Any questions? Feel free to ask or if you have a better foundation for a pole barn, we would love to hear about it!

If you are interested in one of our barns and live in Northern Indiana or Southern Michigan, be sure to shoot us a message through our website!

We are not affiliated with Perma-Column or Post Protectors, but we do offer their products as an option for our buildings and their websites are listed here:

Perma-Column website is: https://www.permacolumn.com/

Post Protector website is: https://www.postprotector.com/
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6 Replies to “Pole Barn Foundation Options – UPDATED”

  1. Is the last option just backfilled with dirt? How many 60 lbs bags of concrete you think? Two? At the bottom

  2. What would you suggest for a really tiny pole barn? I'm making a lean-to shed thats going to be about 8×12. I want to build it like a pole barn, so I can add a cement slab later. It'll be used as a garden shed (garden and lawn tools, lawn mowers, etc)

  3. Should have also shown the dry set version along side option 1, or as a stand alone since it is useful for footing wall type foundations for rodent prone areas or a pole barn with crawl space and wood flooring.

  4. If you went with the last option, and the wood under the ground eventually started to rot, is there a way to repair it? Could you dig around it and encase it with concrete at that time, like in the third option?

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