20 Replies to “Old hickory shed delivery. Awesome Job”

  1. looks like the same bunch of delivery people that ripped me off last year supposed to be free delivery but scammed me out of 6o dollars.extry and would not set it where I wanted them .left the front doors 4 ft off the ground.well they got it back right after I was done a month later rent to own that is there week spot .they had to come an pick it up so I had my chance to tell them off.WARNING DO NOT TRUST THESE SCAMMERS AT ALL

  2. As a beginner with woodwork, I usually feel overwhelmed with the whole plan. But Ryan's plans led me through with much clarity and simplicity [ Check Details Here=>deam.design/9trw ]. I now work like a pro. That's good!

  3. Love our shed the delivery driver was awesome and to be honest when that same type of trailer went sideways it freaked me out !! people need this side ways option for travel trailers lol

  4. When my son got his old hickory here in Idaho the trailer had 4 extra wheels 90 ^ to the main wheels that he lowers with the Hydralic system and moved the trailer sideways

  5. If I had not seen it, I would have never believed it. That trailer is worth its weight in gold. That driver is the definition of professional.

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