New Garage Review Eagle Carports What a great deal

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20 Replies to “New Garage Review Eagle Carports What a great deal”

  1. Mt .Airy NC – Basically where Mayberry was filmed with the Andy Griffith show..Probably looked like Alry on the paper

  2. In the right areas of the US you could easily turn this into an off the grid mini house and live quite nicely. Until the Feds show up to kill you.

  3. I'm glad this buyer is happy with his carport. I actually sold these in my business for a couple years. I stopped because although they do appeal to people mainly because of the price they carry with them some negatives as well. First in many states the permit is way more than $15. In fact many states will require a foundation for a structure this size. This gentleman seems sure that this is build solidly, I am not. With the ridges running as they are snow will not slide off this building but will instead build up . Do you have any idea how many carports have fallen under a snow load and damaged cars and trucks? Trust me, thousands! As for wind I really don't have any experience with wind damage on these but in a windy area I wouldn't doubt it's a problem. Hey this dude is happy and that's great. But, these are not well built structures despite what some will tell you. The two positives are this: One there cheap and Two there cheap! You get what you pay for!!

  4. I like how confident you are saying it "will not" blow away at all…. lol they also said the Titanic wouldn't sink !

  5. Great review video and with your kids into off road vehicles feel free to sample my channel of atvs and mud 🙂

  6. getting too cold! LOL I remember moving to Colorado living in Estes Park, in my brother-in-law telling me about working in 20° degrees doing Roofing!

  7. this is actually an excellent video of this company should use this for their advertisement! 7 kids holy cannoli! there were nine in my family most people don't have more than two today Wow!

  8. I have one just like that. When the wife and i moved me my 22 yr old son and my wife took it down anmoved it put it back up by our selves had it inspected and it full. My panels are 30 foot long it was hell to move but i love my building. At 57 it was a good work out moving it.

  9. Thanks, great video. Just checked prices and looks like this building is about 50% more expensive now…more like $6,000.

  10. Love your building. You did an awesome job on your shelving. Thank you for sharing this. I'm needing a a building a little bigger than this for storind my farm tractor and implements. This will be an awesome building for me. The time is also a big factor for me. Ive been shopping around for these and i definitely liked the structure and colors available. Thank you so much.

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