Making Wooden Well for garden [PLANS]

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We planned to change the well for a long time. As you can see on this video everything went according to our plan.

The well is very large, heavy and stable. We are very happy with the final result, it turned out better than we expected.
The use of Micaton tools was a great help for us. Definitely, every carpenter or person who likes to work in wood should have such a set as in the video.
Thank you Micaton for sponsoring this video and for the discount codes for you:

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I would also like to thank Evolution for giving me the miter saw which I used in this video.
Model: Evolution 210 SMS

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20 Replies to “Making Wooden Well for garden [PLANS]”

  1. I thought i'm can't start in carpentry , but that great guy helped me with this! Click WOODSTART . ML

  2. Looks great, next time turn a shingle upside down at the bottom of roof it'll show same color as roof shingle instead of the black paper

  3. You would think if they went to all that work to put Liquor on the inside of it that they would have put two Barstool seats that would come out. Not good planning

  4. Would you give me the lengths of the wooden stack ?? I can see that you used 30 degree cuts but just give me the lengths please ??  I LOVE this well and so does my wife !! I'm definitely building it !! We have a working well to put ours over as well !!

  5. EXCELLENT JOB !! I came here looking for plans for a real well and you did better than I hoped for ,,,,, beer was the Cherry on top !! GREAT JOB and looks like you had fun ! That's the most important part./… well except for the BEER !! LOL !

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