Making PVC Snap Clips to hold shade cloth on PVC frame

Its summertime and I needed to add some shade to some of my lettuce. Built a 1/2″ PVC frame and needed to attach some shade cloth. So this video is about making PVC snap clips to attach the shade cloth to the frame.
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  2. The clips will lose they're strength in time . i have a friend that uses this kind of clamp an in a strong wind…they pop off quite easily.

  3. Wouldn't have been easier to use your table saw to rip a full length of the pvc to make the notch instead of using your grinder and a cutoff wheel for each little piece. Then use the miter saw or table saw to make each little clip.

  4. I've been wanting to make an enclosed frame from PVC and cover it with Plankets to protect my plants from freezing in the winters. But, I could never come up with a way to secure the cloth to the PVC frame without buying those expensive clips. You solved my problem! Now, I have all summer to make my frame and work out the kinks in my idea before the freezes hit next January here in Houston. Thank you. BTW, how did I end up here, anyway?

  5. PVC frame and clips for a sun shade? PVC doesn't cost anything? Ever hear of a new miracle substance called "wood"? One can fasten fabric onto it with staples or tacks. Even some old broom and mop handles, (wood, plastic, or metal), would do the same job, (without rotting in solar UV light).

  6. Wanna lose a finger and go to the ER?

    This video starts by emphasizing SAFETY, then showing UNSAFE use of the miter saw,

    NEVER reach across that blade while its running. Notice the guard DOES NOT fully cover the blade. ITs easy to reach beyond the fence, then bring the hand back toward the blade.

    Its also poor practice to rais ethe saw that far between cuts. It only needs to be raised enough to slide the pipe under between cuts. Raising it that high leaves plenty of room to put a hand or arm under the blade. Raising the blade fully also allows objects that have been cut, if they happen to pinch between blade and table or guard, to flip sideways. Leaving the blade partially down can act as a guard against that.

    ANd only a FOOL wears shorts when using power equipment like this. No protection whatsoever from flying objects.

  7. We have such high winds that 1/2 inch PVC pipe Greenhouse frame's plastic sheeting gets blown/ripped off.

    Your method of using 3/4 inch PVC to clip onto 1/2 inch PVC gives me an idea! Instead of using smaller Clips, what happens if longer sections of 3/4 inch are used to clip Greenhouse sheeting onto 1/2 inch PVC Greenhouse frame?

    I'm thinking this would spread the load out onto a larger amount of the greenhouse's plastic sheeting, and may hold sheeting on strongly enough that gusting wind won't be able to rip sheeting from the 1/2 PVC Greenhouse frame?

    This would be a double win, because during the high heat of Summer,shade cloth needs to be securely fitted on top greenhouse, over plastic sheeting.

  8. That is an excellent idea, for my boat bimini extension. Had been using short bungees, this is better. Cut the entire length of the channel in the pipe on a table saw With a 2×4 brace. Then cut to length with a mitre saw and save a bit of work.

  9. Awesome idea!!! Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering how to do a shade project with regard to attaching the fabric. Your idea and video is A++++++++:-)

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