LOWE'S TINY HOUSE!!! (Or is it a shed…?)

Thinking of going tiny!? Check out what Lowe’s has for sale! This model is advertised as a “shed of sorts”, with features that are very similar to a Tiny House. You can also customize to make it more “house-like”. Many people convert sheds to tiny homes these days, so why not this one!? What do you think… Could you live in this 16’x16′ “tiny house”? Enjoy this walk-through video and leave a comment telling us what you would do with this space!


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20 Replies to “LOWE'S TINY HOUSE!!! (Or is it a shed…?)”

  1. Would love it if my son in law could build this on their property for his widowed mother in law. Right now I have a room in their mobile home on their property.

  2. for that price, I'd have the Amish build me a pole barn then frame out some rooms… I paid 10k for my 40×50 pole barn with concrete flooring back in 2010. Keep in mind that 10k doesn't include insulation or anything else and that's just a shed so there's no stability if storms or anything else comes through. I'd rather have something set into the ground that I know isn't going anywhere

  3. I’ve toured this shed at our local Lowe’s…It would work for one person , maybe a couple who got along very well and have plenty of outdoors. I was interested.

  4. Plan to purchase land within the next few weeks, I would buy 3-4 tiny homes; attach them together for that price finish them myself… personally I would cover outside of the homes with bricks….bricks gives stronger foundation, peace of mind, security and can last much longer….thank you so much….you just gave an idea.

  5. I think it can be a home! I’m not sure about the bathroom, you can always get a gym membership and shower there^^

  6. Later on you could add a bump out, I think it's what they call it: cut a hole in the wall and build a little space for a stacking washer and dryer. Then vent the dryer right outside, protecting the opening with strong mesh or something made especially for that to keep fr critters from trying to get in it to keep warm or have babies in, I'd stack it on top of a front loader washer.
    Of course you gotta insulate your bump out and have electrical and plumbing added.

  7. Sheds like the one you're looking at come and sizes up to 18 by 30 plus I think 36 is the biggest. There are times they will sell the demo half price or less in consideration of cost of moving it. You must have your plans together because you have 10 days to move it off their lot. Once it is yours, you are responsible for it, they said.
    Furthermore the Clayton model 2 story, they call it a recreational building ; comes in various sizes, the depth of the house increases, the width of the house only increases by a couple of feet. You are checking out exactly the two that I have been planning with/ for!
    I wish I could draw you out the plan that I had for a 16 by 18 barn-shed demo model, they were gonna sell me for only $3K !

    the kitchen would be in the right hand corner and L shaped, because the 3 major points in the kitchen should be able to easily accessed quickly ,arranged in a "good working triangle" without a lot of footwork, the stove and sink and refrigerator,. The refrigerator being on the far left on the back wall, the range being in the corner or a countertop drop in model if no oven is needed because of Nebco or Oster 30 qt countertop cookers that even bake pies! Cookies too!… slo-cookers, microwave/convection/steam types that can be mounted or as a part of your ventahood over the counter cooktop, or on a shelf ; the sink could go in the corner but where do you put the window?!) and if ya have a full range, it can go in the corner- careful choosing depth of countertops to match the fit! Then build a triangular shelf to fill in the corner gap. Hang or stack pots and pans or get a pot and pan rack and hang them and cooking utensils.

    You could also make it a U shaped kitchen where the sink would be in the bar that is for storage, stove top and eating upon stools,,separating the living area from kitchen or better yet at back wall and stove on bar right across from it. I In other words on the back wall it would go, refrigerator, counter space, sink, counter space, stove in the corner if u wish or in the bar countertop if you dont have a lot of people who eat together and need the countertop.

    No sense all the water is along the back wall you can run water lineup stairs just above the stair will you could put in a composting toilet and a shower stall or one of those sit in spa tubs with the door that opens that they have for old folks, a walk in tub. Of course the floors and maybe the 2×6 or 2×8s for the floor(is joists the right word?) And double thick ply wood flooring or substrate should be reinforced, especially in that area.

    An L shape with a movable island is an idea but the "3" along one stretch is awkward.inconvenient. so I tossed that.

    So with the sink on the back wall and you had a lavatory/halfbath under the stairwell (if you had a nice composting toilet especially with a divider for the pee to go in a separate container, it could be on a platform with rollers on it and you could pull it out when u need use it and hide it back under the stairs – you would have to remove what they put in that demo to keep people out from underneath – by the way, I think they did that because Lowe's has found homeless people hiding under the stairwells and sleeping there at night, so yours may not even have rails beneath stairwell if u buy one).
    I have seen folks building cargo trailer campers, portable Mini homes, redoing campers Winnebagos and such…

    and I have seen a shower stall that has a small sink in it with running water so that u can wash your hands after toileting. if you have a teeny tiny space where you might want a shower and a sink and toilet, so that people aren't washing their bathroom hands in the kitchen sink, passing germs to the kitchen, this is the thing. I have also seen the composting toilet in a shower stall and it's taken out to shower or to sit on when you shower in other words a wet bath and it absolutely must be ventilated with a Maxx fan or a Fantastic fan – your choice – I forget which one critics say is the better 1. A lot of tips and tricks about making a very small space work can be gleaned from the Vanlife, snowbirds renovating RVs , and DIYers building their turtle shells out of their creative inspirations and whatever they have at hand or can afford. Thank God for YouTube, huh?

    You have to plan with a persnickety eye on size and space and location of the "3" – your kitchen may end up being a J shape because the bathroom may take up much of the space and then your fridge maybe next to it closer to the corner, and then your sink might end up on the side wall, in which case u need to place a window there. The range will end up on the bar. Of course if u dont need countertop space, the range/cooktop could be on the immobile island with a bar to eat at.

  8. Considerably nicer/sturdier than Home Depot's sheds which are built by ShedsUSA. You'd want to have them frame with 2x6s at least – preferably 2x10s – and opt for spray insulation.

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