Lifetime Shed Reinforcing, Shelves, and a Wall

Lifetime sheds have incredible looks, reasonable price, and amazing design. Their biggest drawback is that adding any serious shelves or a wall is impossible without some serious reinforcement. I believe it is worth the effort, time and cost to make this shed truly remarkable. This video will give the details on how to accomplish these tasks without any nails or drilling through the plastic walls. Using only bolts and screws also has the advantage that this shed can easily be disassembled or modified. Hope this video will help you achieve these tasks.
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  1. Did I miss something? Maybe I did, you said that the roof truss channel water but you drilled a hole and put a bolt through it ? I was thinking if you took the purchase cost of the shed and cost of reinforcing and shelves you could have built a killer one of a kind shed yourself with your knowledge, I mean the time you got through with it you could have a above ground bomb shelter

  2. Good video I'm thinking of getting one of those sheds and I like the reinforcement idea. I will probably just use 4×4's in the corners and frame it similar to the way you did

  3. I just built my 20×8 shed much like this one. I like the way you reinforced everything.. Lifetime does a great job on the trusses, but the weak point is in the walls. The only thing I would do differently here is use pocket holes instead of Simpson ties on the studs. A++ for the bomb-proof design!

  4. I have been debating wood vs Lifetime sheds. I live by the ocean, right on the shore line. The winds can, on occasions, be very strong. I really like the Lifetime sheds, but was worried about strength in high winds. I think you have come up with the perfect solution. Thanks for posting this. I think I will use all of your tips.

  5. Re: attaching to metal roof trusses; What if I didn’t want to grind Simpson ties or attach to the truss? Could I still build a wood frame inside all around like you did but without screwing into the metal roof trusses? Not concerned about water leaking but just don’t want to do all the grinding (don’t own a grinder). Lifetime model 6405, 8x10ft. Thanks for the video!

  6. Thank you for making & sharing this video! I needed EXACTLY THIS to make some walls in a lifetime shed we use at work. You took ALL the mental work out of it! Thanks a ton!!

  7. You couldn’t put one person on the shelves. those bolts will rip out in a heartbeat. You need support for the outer part of the shelves with 2 x 4s hitting the floor. It’s a one leg table, unless it’s going to hold pillows.. thanks for the video

  8. GREAT video! I just put up an 8X10 and had the idea of reinforcing the shed like you did. Then I watched your video and got great ideas from you. I especially like how you made the roof stronger by incorporating it into the project. I'm in South Florida, so wind is definitely an issue. I'll be anchoring the whole thing with long ground anchors, too.

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