Lifetime Rubber Shed From Costco Review

I got an 8×16 (approx) Lifetime Shed from Costco. I think a better alternative would be a wooden shed or a steel building. Don’t make the mistake I did thinking this shed was a good value and easy to install. I am not a doctor. I am not licensed. I do not hold any qualifications for giving medical advice. This is an account of my own experiences and does not apply to anyone else. All information, content, and material of this channel is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. If you have questions about your own personal situation it is recommended that you discuss them with your own licensed healthcare professional. If you think you are having an emergency, dial 911 immediately.
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  1. You like hearing yourself…should be, woulve…I have this same shed. First, you didn't read instructions. 2) common sense says you don't build a plastic shed in the winter….panels need to be flexible. 3) slope and level are two different things…slope is around your shed…the earth around your shed.. But shed has to level. Several minutes into video and your still talking….you didn't make sound decisions. Not impressed with you or your skills.

  2. I know that looking your base l think it’s fair to that it’s far from flat and solid. For my next point the one thing that concern s me most that nobody cares to mention is FIRE! If you were so unfortunate to experience a FIRE in one of these sheds could you manage to get out in time , so for that reason and that reason alone l would think twice about buying one.

  3. Would’ve been a better review if you showed us the inside, talk about how it feels from the inside, show the lighting from the inside, the foundation balance on the inside. Maybe do a second part, just from the inside? lol

  4. This weekend I helped a former neighbor build a Lifetime shed. I am a contractor so I was able to build a 2" x 6" floor (and ramp) with 6" x 6" posts and a 3/4" treated floor in about 5 hours. The posts were left over from a deck job and they just sit on the ground. Today we assembled the shed. In my opinion, RUN AWAY as fast as possible. Homeowner paid $1,500 at Costco for a shed whose dimension in 93" x 12' 3 1/2". Yes, 3 1/2" which means we had to buy a full sheet of plywood to get the 3 1/2". Well anyway, the entire purchased shed is screws that go into molded plastic. For the roof, probably only 1/4"of screw actually grabs the plastic. And the "skylights," absolute silliness. This shed has more rigidity than a wet noddle but less than Gumby. This is not a lifetime shed. Screws threading into plastic is horrible. Unfortunately the homeowner stripped out number of holes. If you buy a plastic shed, at some point you will feel that like your shed, you got screwed.

  5. Hello…I just came across your video. I just had a installer finish up putting up the 11 x 21 version I bought from Costco….I built the floor our of 2 x 6 CCA boards. I built the platform 12 x 24. I checked and double checked that it was level the entire time I was building the base and thought I was good…The installed found that the base was slightly uneven….This made the install harder but after shims experience he was able to get it finished….Its much sturdier than I thought it was going to be…Just my 2 cents

  6. Wooden sheds are NO-NO for me.Overtime they require lots of maintenance. Even if they do't tell you upfront that base needs to be perfectly levelled, it is common sense for the installer that it needs to be leveled. Strong , sturdy wooden base( levelled) with pressure treated lumber is the way to go.

  7. Bought mine form BJ wholesale, that is another hassle. But as for the 8×10 dual entry I am on day 4. Had to take a day off from frustration. Once I got the two truss in place the doors wouldn't fit. Tried the doors first but truss wouldn't fit. Shim this Shim that and still will not fit without cutting plastic and beaten the *i$$ out of it. 'Once' in a Life time indeed. For another $1k I could have had a 80 sq ft shed delivered that is hurricane proof.

  8. I made base out of 2 by 6s. I made it in 4 sections. I had a hard time getting them perfectly flat. Yes this material is flimsy. I put it together in the sun. The roof and sides flexed. See another you tube video about building inside shelves for support. I don't recommend this building. I bought this building to make some upper storage. I am not returning it.

  9. You're knocking the shed when clearly the problem is a non-flat base. The shed is a plastic box and you can't twist it up like that. The plywood looks to be laying directly on gravel which is far from flat, just look at your shims. I just got a second Lifetime shed and the instructions repeatedly stress the need for a flat base, whether concrete or wood framed.

  10. I bought the smaller vertical shed. delivery was not an option. I rented a truck, had to open the box and bring it upstairs in pieces (I live in a condo, it is a perfect fit on my terrace) because the box intact was too heavy for me. Take a couple days to build to find out the doors wont close because they overlap by an inch. It's the last step. Call to complain and am told the base is the wrong size. THEIR BASE. To bring it back to store. IT'S AN ENTIRE SHED. I will have to disassemble and bring back? Are you kidding me? They said I could try a replacement base but they are back ordered months. I cant use it like this. Which would also still entail taking unit apart. I cannot possibly be more dissatisfied with a company. They are selling sheds not shirts. When they screw up do they realize the inconvenience they create? Clearly, no quality control. No customer service.

  11. Costco takes Everything back. They have a record of your purchase. They took back a lifetime picnic table of mine that I had purchased 3 years previous!
    It sucks but call them make sure get the persons name ( person in charge) then take it down and haul it in. Might need to zip tie and cover in plastic moving wrap first.

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