Layout and Design | How to Build a Shed | Part 1

In This Series We will be Building a Custom Shed Designed for DIYer’s Like Yourself. Learn My Simple Step by Step Program To A Perfect Backyard Storage Shed You Can Build Alone!

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20 Replies to “Layout and Design | How to Build a Shed | Part 1”

  1. Aloha Jeff,

    I realize that there are many factors that determine cost, but can you give me a ballpark for materials (minus your slab)?

  2. Fantastic video with fantastic content! Still, I can't help thinking… "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." [Red Green]

  3. The discussion of a pile of stuff in the middle really hit home. I'm going to re-skin my old shed and thanks to your idea, going to divide it into three smaller spaces with a door on each of three sides. The fourth wall will be exterior racks for irrigation pipes and longer items. Great ideas to chew on!

  4. Hi, Just curious how it is not considered a permanent structure if you are pouring a concrete slab? What is the difference then between a permanent structure then? In my area, I believe if we put it on gravel it's not permanent, but if we pour a concrete then it is.

  5. I have a large backyard, but there is no access for a concrete truck. I can’t possibly lift bag after bag of 60/80 pound concrete, so I’m thinking I’ll build a frame, fill it with gravel (which will also be cheaper than concrete) and then add a plywood floor.

  6. Hey Jeff something completely unrelated… i am looking to build some areas and corners on my yard with planters out of stone/blocks … for planters with around 2 feet high, do i need to have a concrete base like a retaining wall? it seems its a bit overkill especially if i dont intend to have dirt all the way up … i just want it to serve as a divider.

  7. I was waiting for you to do a cannonball at the end of the video!! Looking for forward to the series, closing on my first home next week and this is on the list of to-do’s.

  8. I also looked for part 2, great channel, when are you going to build an Off Grid stud wall cabin ? Gavin from South Africa

  9. Drainage, sound, wind and UGLY. . . Ha ha, so funny.
    A great 1st episode with a gold nugget piece of advice – 'built it twice the size as you think you need' – so so true …… really looking forward to the next few. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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