John Park in the Maker Shed: POVARD kit

Quick test of the POVARD persistence-of-vision kit from the Maker Shed. This link has all the info, including build instructions:
Music by Collin Cunningham.
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20 Replies to “John Park in the Maker Shed: POVARD kit”

  1. So that's it? Did you even watch the footage you captured? It didn't display anything readable, and your bottom light was out?!

  2. I wonder if this could be made to rotate on fan blade or similar rotational device?

    maybe even further it by having a clock display?


  3. that was great you should make somthing to spin it like attatch it to your ceiling fan ! if you try it please let me know how iut turns out or even make a vid of it and post it for us thanks

  4. Dear John Park,
    Your eyes are very, very scary.
    I have had nightmares about your eyes.

    –A frightened viewer

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