Insulated Greenhouse Shed Complete Build

I built an insulated greenhouse shed. I show the complete build from the design and planning to building it. I also give a quick tour at the end.

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  1. Tell us about ventilation. It looks like it would overhead much of the year. Also, are you capturing any rain water?

  2. Very nice – I've never seen a shed built that way. It looks like a really fun build. How is it holding up? Any issues with the greenhouse part?

  3. Would you be willing to send/sell the diagrams? I can give you an email address. Its beautiful. What's the humidity levels like winter vs summer?

  4. im in kansasĀ so i can appreciate the storm shelter, but also the ability to grow vegetation indoors. so, is that heated for plants to grow from seed? i am on the board of an hoa, but i have the unique experience of being at the end of the hoa and seeing the difference. your paperwork is phenomenal and hopefully something you enjoy looking at later on, despite the necessary painstaking of the hoa.

    where are you located?
    i have so many ideas on what i want with a shed, i really appreciate the greenhouse thought and sloped cielingĀ (snow builds and slides off easy.)

  5. Mark, this is a fabulous build! Very clean, yet both rustic and modern. I'd love to get a better look at the building plans/materials you showed in the beginning. I'm fairly new to the "build", carpentering scene so any info or advice is welcomed. Thank you for sharing this! -Namaste

  6. You did SUCH a good job on that. Our country might be going down the tubesšŸ˜’, but your worksmanship is part of what gave USA a good name in the first place. If we could all just apply ourselves, refuse to give up our freedoms, and most importantly, renew our Faith in the Son, we really WOULD be "made great again!" Thanks for the video, Mark.

  7. Wow, you did a great job on your project, unfortunate so many critics and negative nellies to try n knock your dick in the dirt, you built the best you could afford n why wouldnt you…. i want to build a green house up against my shed and i want to do it just like yours, thanx for inspiring me n wish me luck, i too am gonna do it myself

  8. would have been neat if you made the greenhouse roof have the ability to lift open, so you can vent out the heat during the summer. cool project

  9. It looks fantastic! Both useful and pleasing to the eye. It's great that you gave your son a shoutout for lending a hand. I think it's only fair though that you also show some gratitude to the lady helping you at 4:15 and at 7:00. It looks like she put some muscle into this production as well.

  10. Cool build it looks fantastic ,I'm gonna attempt to join my existing two sheds together over the next few weeks to make one big shed hopefully it will look ok .
    Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

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