Insider secrets about steel and metal garden sheds

Okay, disclaimers first – we at don’t hate garden sheds, steel sheds, wooden sheds, steel containers or metal frame buildings. In fact, they are fabulous creations (usually). As well as that we can only comment on what we see when we are called in to fix some of the most common problems, i.e. condensation, wind ingress, bug ingress, and wind noise and also that most of these unheated buildings are freezing cold in the winter. So you may already have a warm shed, a super insulated double skinned airtight shed and if so, we salute your genius and good luck. It’s just that a lot of our customers ask us in to fix their shiny new sheds because they thought it would be different. What we spray at is hard, closed cell, waterproof, foam. This foam bonds permanently and is very similar in density and texture to the foam you will find on insulated hot water cylinders. As I mentioned, it stays in place for life and stops condensation, drafts and makes the structure much much stiffer so in high winds the steel won’t rattle or make flexing noises. We offer free quotes, and most of our customers are impressed with how economical this lifetime solution to the primary steel shed woes, can be. Thanks for watching
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