In the Maker Shed: SolarSpeeder Kit

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The SolarSpeeder Kit from the Maker Shed is a really fun kit to make and race. The kit comes with detailed instructions, and is easy enough for even a beginner to assemble. I really like the contoured circuit board, especially the gold flames. It really was amazing how fast this little solar racer ran across the floor after just a minute or two of charging. Next I have to try out some of the upgrades. I’ll keep you updated.
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  1. Not to be rude but,WTF is wrong with u the fast forwarding is soo annoying and next u do a video try not to fast foward ,be like kipkay and he doesn't fast forward ok ok

  2. Lets FF through the contsruction and soldering so we cannot see it. Whats the point in adding all that to the vid if your going to FF though it? I understand the kit comes with intructions, but if your not going to show the whole process in realtime then just cut out that and show the finished product working..

  3. Didn't that go backwards?

    You should be able to charge it up and then press a button when you want it to set off; that would be a lot handier.

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