How to Maximize Shed Storage

This week I’m sharing some of my organizational tips and tricks for how I outfitted my new shed. I partnered with The Container Store to incorporate their Gladiator Cabinets and the Elfa Storage System.

Gladiator Cabinets: ?

Elfa Storage: ?


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  1. Sir your video on storage was awesome, I’m about to have a metal building shed install and having metal studs instead of wooden studs what do you recommend for shelving using metal studs. Thanks

  2. This whole video is just one big ad. "got this, got that", "bought this". Elfa (at least in Norway) is so over priced that it's idiotic. You could build a larger shed for the same price as those hangers (witch suck if you ever have temperatures below 0 degrees (and yes, celcius because metricsystem)).

  3. Nice paint job! I enjoyed this video because I'm all about trying to clear up clutter and being more organized, I'm just too damn lazy sometimes. This video made me realize that I wanted a tour of your areas but then I saw you have a workshop tour, so I'm about to check that out.

    A couple of things I would like to suggest about your shed. First, I would want to install a light fixture or such in there. I know it will only be used for storage, but I can tell you that it will only be a matter of time before you need to rummage through there in the dark. It will definitely be appreciated by future you just for making it a bit easier for yourself. Second, you might want to store your gas containers closer to a ventilation port or figure out a better spot for those containers. Since you really don't have anything in the way of ventilation, your shed is going to smell like gasoline and that probably won't be preferable. Especially since you are storing more than just tools and supplies. You do have seasonal and household items you're storing right above your gas. Great video though!

  4. Hey man, I don't really understand what direction you seem to be going with this channel…videos lately seem like home depot ads, just sponsor fluff and very little explanation of a process or anything remotely "DIY". I feel like you have lost focus here…YouTube seems to just be a way for you to make some money, and less of a creative or educational outlet. That's fine if you want to go this direction, but just know you're going to lose a lot of your core followers, myself included.

  5. If I do a video will I get a bunch of free stuff…….UNSAT……If I wanted a 6 min commercial I would go to the shopping channel!!!!

  6. That's going to be a really nice to have, Aaron! Hopefully, it will free up your shop like you said it would.

  7. I'm a bit confused… looking at all the tool you have (in background) and you call yourself "Mr. Fix It" why not just build the shed your self. Way cheeper the the company you bought it from (way over priced… I checked). I have far less tools than you.. A framing & regular finishing claw hammer, an old Craftsman radial saw (hand-me-down) boxes of # 8 & #16 penny nails… I built a 8×12 foot shed from the ground up. I poured the slab with tie-down bolts (with help from a friend). I even installed a large full view sliding window & built a door from scratch and put a 3 & 12 pitch on the roof. Used asphalt shingles for the roofing materials… not bad for a slightly over weight retired teacher with cancer… with just a few basic tools and willingness to read (a lot) & watch several youtubes there she sits housing 95% of my outside tool & several boxes of seasonal material for the wife.

    All of that being said, I do enjoy most of your videos, please continue. You have aver good speaking voice and a lot of good ideas to share.

  8. you just lost a subscriber. I pay to watch youtube ad free. I think it's a great option. When you, and folks like you, shill and put ads in their videos it blows. Plus, emptying your junk shed? PLEASE!

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