How to Get Stuck Shed off Snake's Head

Removing retained shed from the head of a ball python, or similar snake species is a common issue that arises, which can have long-term damage if not dealt with. Luckily, it’s an easy fix with a little patience! See how to avoid stuck shed here:

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20 Replies to “How to Get Stuck Shed off Snake's Head”

  1. My snake is very passive mainly cuz I’m not allowed one in the house so i found some rope and put it in an empty fish tank. Maybe one day

  2. I had to assist with my ball python shedding once, and after a while I think he realised what I was doing and he didn't mind it, once I got to the head he was fine, I guess to him it felt like a gentle massage when I was getting the head shed to start pealing.

  3. I would love more basic tutorials or even more advanced ones. 🙂 I'm preparing to get get my own ball python and want to know as much information as possible to give them the best life I can. 😀

  4. 🐍🐍🐍🐍 four snakes for the four dislikes on this video who obviously don’t enjoy baths 😠 wet noodles are sad noodles (jk)

  5. Im getting a corn snake in 2 days, quick question how long do i keep it in its vivarium from day one before handling?

  6. This is the first video you’ve made I don’t agree with. The water for a ball python should never be above 85°. Ideal is between 80-85 but starting at 85 is good because the water will start to cool down. You can sit the tub on a heat pad to help keep the water warm. 85° feels almost cool to us so you MUST use a temp gun to check. You should always put a hand towel in the water with the snake so it can slither through and get most of the shed off itself, leaving minimal stuck shed for you to remove. This way you don’t have to stress the snake any more than absolutely necessary. It’s also helpful to put a large object in the water such as a rock or cup for the snake to wrap its tail on and ground itself, making it more comfortable while in the water. For beginners dealing with eyecaps in general is a bad idea. They often can’t tell the difference between eye creases and eye caps. We don’t want beginner keepers trying to peel eye creases off! The best thing to do is keep your husbandry correct because a healthy shed will take care of eye caps and eye creases. You probably should explain the difference before giving the tape advice, that could be incredibly dangerous. Can’t wait for more Rosie content!

  7. Stuck shed really shouldn’t be common. I run a BP rescue and have never had the issue. If this is common for someone they need to fix their husbandry. Stuck shed on the tail is the equivalent of wearing the same ring from the time you’re a baby. It will cut off circulation.

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