How to Frame and Build a Loft – Home Design Examples Click on this link for more information about lofts, attics and building design. This video will provide you with a few different examples about how you can frame and build a loft in a garage or other square or rectangular shaped rooms. Keep in mind that engineering specifications are usually required for lumber sizes like joist and beams as well as building foundations.
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  1. What would happen if you skip out on the footing for the center post that distributes the weight of the loft?

  2. Can a loft of this structure support adding a layer of osb, hardibacker then tile…then after all that some furniture and ppl?

  3. If I fasten the ledger board through the drywall into the studs, will the drywall have any effect on the strength of the loft? Is it safe to build this with no posts, with the joists spanning 17ft? Also i am using this loft just for storage purposes.

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