How to draw a garden shed

I’m very tired after a long weekend entertaining children and adults at the Wigtown Books Festival so this is a quick video for the junkies who won’t cope if I don’t do one! If you are a real video junkie, youi can go and see my Performance at Wigtown’s Got Talent last Saturday night!

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I use a Rotring Tikky Graphic 0.3 pen and copic ciao marker pens. The paper is fairly cheap drawing cartridge or bristol paper.

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20 Replies to “How to draw a garden shed”

  1. hi guys, the best results that i've ever had was by using the Wilfs Shed Formula (i found it on google) without a doubt the best info that I've tried.

  2. Hi I liked your video and I am a great arteast to I can draw that and I am 10 year's old good bye!!!!!

  3. Shoo do you use simple white light for your drawings or are they just done with sun light close to a window?

  4. Yes that would work as long as the box was positioned exactly so that it only showed one face towards you. otherwise no 🙂

  5. I have a rather technical question about Perspective for you:

    Let's suppose that the Shed that you just drew was open in the front—no front wall at all.

    Let us further suppose that there is a rather Large Crate sitting Askew Inside.

    Is it possible to have a One-Point Perspective Box inside a Two-Point Perspective Box?

    My Drafting Instructor insisted not, but I'm not Convinced.


  6. Could you draw a witch mixing a boiling pot with a broom?
    For Halloween
    Cause Im drawing some hlloween drawing for my friends.

  7. gosh if someone comes along and measures your drawing and tells you that the angles are wrong… tell them to go out and get a life…. geesh…lol. looks great

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