How to Convert a Shed to a Cabin!

In this video I take you to see the varieties of sheds available at Lowe’s and I explain how they can be converted to a very nice off-grid cabin.

Also included are pics of my barn cabin design and my new plans for the Cattail cabin. For plans and more info please visit:
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  1. I've had this idea about home improvement center sheds myself. In a short period of time you could have a livable structure. I've also wondered about cargo containers like the intermodal ones you see on ships, trains and trucks. You could stack two on top of each other and have a hella stout two story home that's heavy gage steel and bear proof. They sell old ones pretty cheap and getting one delivered would be your biggest expense. That would require more modifications to make it insulated and livable but once done it would be virtually maintenance free.

  2. buying my 12×24 shed this tax return incase we can't ever make the mortgage payment we will have a place to live

  3. If I bought 2 of these and connected them together I would have one heck of a nice place for Cheap. This Solar Cabin Guy has got My Brain Thinking. Thank You

  4. Lived in 1 for a year while building my house. Then I moved out , now it's jus a shed. You can put two of them together too.

  5. I would suggest PU foam insulation. It's not cheap but it's the most energy efficient. Closed cell foam provides not only insulation but a sound, vapor and air barrier and adds extra rigidity to the structure.

  6. THANK you for the walk through! I have been looking at home depot, they offer just the delivery of all supplies with or without windows if you want to choose where you want them. I have been looking at their 16×32 with a 7'1" loft. Great tips as well. Thank you!

  7. You should really take your song to Nashville, because they don't get good songs like that very often. Country music has changed too much and that song really takes me back to when country music was country . God bless you!

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