How to build shed doors: How To Build A Shed ep 20

Come learn how you can build your own shed! In this video I show the final step in how to build a shed: door construction. I cover everything you’ll need to know about building sturdy, outdoor rated double doors that will secure the contents of your shed for years to come.

This video series will show you step-by-step everything required to build an 8′ x 16′ shed. Are you going to build a shed too? Mash that subscribe button to follow along!

Materials needed:
2×4 lumber
Siding boards
Several sheets of OSB
Trim pieces
Locking mechanisms

Tools required:
Screw driver or screw gun

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20 Replies to “How to build shed doors: How To Build A Shed ep 20”

  1. You video popped up perfectly…I’m at the same place and needed some inspiration and you nailed it.going to follow your instructions and give it a whirl.thank you

  2. Thank you very much am building the exact doors even the zise , I didnt know how to star,,
    And I was looking for a way to secure them in the middle while shut ,you just give me all the ideas thank you 🙂

  3. Excellent videos concise helpful and NO loud music playing in the background! You did a wonderful job and are a real craftsman. Beautiful shed and a GREAT job!!

  4. Beautiful and professional work!! I admire it. How many hours would you say it took to build the shed and doors? I’m about to build my own and I’m wondering if I should just get a precut kit and assemble it or buy all the supplies and build it myself.

  5. yeah that was good, you have a calm voice.. im always cursing when stuff doesnt go right on anything i build

  6. Excellent video! You kept my attention through the entire project. Well Done!

  7. I've watched this all day from start to finish I love it I think you have inspired me to build my own shed thank you. Great job!!

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