How To Build Barn Style Shed Roof Trusses This video will show you how to build barn style roof trusses using the “Tall Barn Style Shed Plans” available on my website. To see the rest of my shed building videos go to
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  1. he gave you the angles….lie out the size of your roof walls and lay some 2×4's at 22.5* and ya should find it pretty easy…… test fit it and copy it

  2. This video and the plans I bought from you are a little light on instructions for framing the end trusses. Nothing I can't overcome since I've done this before, but it would definitely help a newbie.

  3. Using this method to build trusses, what will be the head room for storage, after putting down two by fours and decking.

  4. I wish I had seen this video before I built my shed. My shed has been in sad shape for two years and I am just now rebuilding it.

  5. Can your plans be submitted directly to the city for approval (in this case, Boise, Idaho)?  I'm sure this varies, but generally is that the case?

  6. Dimension "H" is in the last column of Table 2, page 67 of my shed plans. Follow the first column down till you come to the size of your shed, then follow the row to the right and you will find it there.

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